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Should You Handle Your Roadside Assistance Needs In-House?

Posted on 10/26/2015 by Sommer Stein in maintenance breakdown services RoadsideMASTERS.com

Traditionally, fleets have handled roadside service responsibility in-house. With fuel costs, tighter EPA restrictions on exhaust, and more stringent just-in-time delivery windows, more and more fleets are outsourcing their maintenance and service functions. So when trucking companies ask, “Does it make sense that we handle our roadside assistance needs in-house?” RoadsideMASTERS.com, the leading provider in Emergency Roadside Service Membership Program geared towards the heavy duty segment, answers “no”, and here’s why.

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Say Hello to RoadsideMASTERS.com

Posted on 10/20/2015 by Sommer Stein in maintenance breakdown services

We're excited to introduce our newest partnership with RoadsideMASTERS.com! With years of experience servicing both owner operators, and large fleets, RoadsideMASTERS.com offers the most comprehensive, top quality emergency roadside assistance membership program for heavy-duty trucks in all industries. Whether you own a single tractor and trailer or you have a fleet of tractors, RoadsideMASTERS.com has the services you want.

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