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MORE than Ever Before with TA and Petro

Posted on 4/12/2016 by in Industry News maintenance TA/Petro TA Truck Service

As a very well-known name in the trucking industry, TA and Petro recently made an announcement to many company executives as well as to some of its loyal followers at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show. With hundreds of people crowded around the TA-Petro booth, it was revealed that TA Truck Service, Petro: Lube, RoadSquad™, RoadSquadConnect®, RoadSquad OnSite® and eShop® will be coming together under the single brand umbrella of "TA TRUCK SERVICE".

Introducing TA Truck Service

TA Truck Service will be found at both TA and Petro locations and offers professional drivers and fleets MORE than ever before: MORE service bays, MORE technical expertise and MORE maintenance soultions.

This new brand incorporates the best practices of the top truck repair brands in the industry. Now, not only will customers have all the benefits previously offered, but they will also notice an expanding scope of services.

"TA Truck Service is the one coast-to-coast provider drivers can trust wherever and whenever they need service".
-Tom O'Brien, President and CEO of TravelCenters

So What's Changed?

With this name change, you may be wondering how your favorite high-quality services will be effected. "Our goal is to keep our drivers rolling", says President and CEO of TravelCenters Tom O'Brien.

TA Truck Service will be staffed with the most qualified technicians to help identify and correct any issues a driver may run in to while on the road. On top of excellent services provided by industry experts, they will also have state-of-the-art classroom training, extensive ASE training and TIA certification plus Mentor Technicians and an ASE Master Technician hotline to help provide support 24/7/365 for any unique problems technicians may come across.


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