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Live a Healthier Lifestyle While on the Road

Posted on 8/25/2015 by in Industry News

Healthy eating and exercise are some of the hottest topics of discussion for people today. We know how hard it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but this becomes especially difficult when constantly on the go. You may be surprised to find that with some minor changes to your routine, you can really improve your health and have more energy during the day.

The Science Behind Snacking

While on the road or even sitting at a desk all day, it can be very easy to sit and munch on your favorite sweet, salty, or crunchy snack. You may be surprised to find out that snacking thoughout the day is not as bad as you probably have heard and is actually encouraged.


When first trying to establish a healthy diet, many people think they need to cut out snacking altogether, which is likely because we were taught it was healthy to eat three meals a day when we were younger. Today though, health professionals have adopted a new plan that reccommends eating five or six smaller meals or snacks a day every couple hours. These smaller, periodic meals and snacks keep your body's metabolism going to help you burn calories. Some good choices for snacks are nuts, fruit, and pretzels which can all usually be found at stops on the road.  Finally, breakfast is a MUST because after a night of sleep, your body needs a good kickstart to get started for the day.


Make your Meals on the go Healthier

It's obvious when traveling that our options for healthy eating are limited a lot more. Thankfully, there are some healthy options to choose from and even ways to make that cheeseburger a little healthier. The easiest and most effective way to make your meals on the go healtheir is to opt for the salad, but that can get old. Today, many quick stop and fast food restaurants have started offering healthier choices such as grilled chicken, wraps, and veggie burgers as substitutes for the greasy, fried options. Try ordering your burger or sandwich without mayo, or eat it without the bun to make these meals a little healthier. If you have the choice to swap out the fries for another side dish, do it! Generally, the more different colors in your meal, the healtheir it is. 


Another quick, easy fix to make your meals healthier is to ditch the soda or other sugary drinks. If you're looking for healthy alternatives for caffine, coffee and water are always popular choices, but eating an apple can also give you as much energy as drinking a cup of coffee and may not be as hard on your stomach early in the morning.


Stop for a Break

When you spend the majority of the day sitting, a break is always welcomed. Take some extra time when stopping for a meal or to fill up the tank to stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air. It only takes about twenty minutes to walk a mile, and each mile walked burns about 100 calories! Many smart phones also now have apps that can be used to track things such as number of steps, how many glasses of water you have had, and amount of calories consumed per day. 

It is important to keep your daily health a priority, especially when traveling on a regular basis. Making these small changes to your daily routine can really improve your health and even give you more energy throughout the day, so take these steps, and start the journey to a healthier life now!