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Goodyear's Best All-Around Tire at the Best All-Around Savings

Posted on 3/14/2016 by

Meet Goodyear's best all-around tire for combined regional/long haul applications: The Fuel Max™ RSA. This tire offers exceptional fuel efficiency on the highway and in the city, making it a perfect fit for fleets operating both regional and long haul. Now, for a limited time, FTS Plus+ members can receive a $25 rebate per tire through May 31, 2016.

More of What Fleets Want

Compared to the Goodyear® G662® RSA™, the Fuel Max RSA offers up to 19% better treadwear, 33% more snow traction, and 9% less rolling resistance. The Fuel Max RSA offers a great replacement for Bridgestone R268 Ecopia, Continental HSR2 EcoPlus, Goodyear G662® RSA™ Fuel Max®, and Michelin X Multi Energy Z.  

Features and Benefits

Fuel Efficiency

  • Tri-Layer tread compound helps deliver outstanding mileage, rolling resistance, and curb impact resistance
  • IntelliMax Rib Technology helps to provide a stiffer tread to deliver lower rolling resistance, higher mileage and even wear


  • Unisteel® casing construction enhances toughness and retreadability

Long Miles to Removal

  • Computer-optimized tread design and footprint for enhanced mileage
  • Super-tensile steel belts help add stability and enhance toughness


  • Non-evolving tread with optimized blade geometry helps maintain tread traction through the life of the tire

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Get Maximum Savings

Goodyear and FTS Plus+ are bringing you great savings on the best-all around tire for combined regional-long haul applications. Now until May 31, 2016, save $25 on every Fuel Max™ RSA tire purchased. It's as easy as...


 *Rebate only available on invoices dated March 1 through May 31, 2016 on the purchase of up to 50 Fuel Max RSA tires per customer location. Invoice must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase date. Work orders are not eligible. Rebate valid only on Goodyear Fuel Max RSA tires 11R22.5G, 11R22.5H, 11R24.5G, 11R24.5H, 295/75R22.5G, 295/75R22.5H purchased at authorized Goodyear dealers. National account program and special pricing fleets, which include, but are not limited to, government, utility and military are not eligible. Please allow at least 60 days after submission of your rebate request to receive credit.


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