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Posted on 1/26/2015 by Mecca Howe in wireless services

Sprint's Google Apps for Work provides your company with the tools needed to get work done efficiently, so you can achieve optimized productivity with no downtown and no limits.

What is Google Apps for Work?
Google Apps is a suite of cloud-based apps that allow employees to connect and collaborate in real time and on the move by storing, sharing and editing documents in order to work more effectively.

What's Included?
Drive - Store up to 30GB of data or upgrade to unlimited storage Sheets - Create data charts from new or existing spreadsheets
Gmail - Guarantee email uptime at 99.9%, plus your own company domain Slides - Develop presentations collaboratively and embed videos
Calendar - Schedule meeting times that work for everyone Hangouts - Host or join a "face-to-face" meeting from any device and location
Docs - Create and share content files with virtually anyone, anywhere Sites - Launch an intranet for your company or design a portal

How Does it Work?
Virtually anytime, anywhere access from virtually any smart device to Drive and other documents.

Why use it?
  • Business Efficiency - Run your entire business from any location with any smart device.
    Sit in on impromptu video meetings using hangouts.
  • Effective Collaboration - Coordinate teammates and employees calendars, share forms, and make edits together simultaneously.
  • Secure Mobility - Keep company data safe by managing mobile devices from Google Admin console. Create your own business rules for employee devices.
  • Electronic Forms - Automate paper-based systems with electronic forms stored in Drive.
  • Domain ServicesEasy to purchase and manage domains. Build an online presence for your company while eliminating configuration errors

Why Google Apps for Work Through Sprint?
Sprint takes quality mobile collaboration solutions a step further than the competition by providing Carefree Cloud support, mobile expertise and optimal network strength to enable easy implementation of Google Apps for your business.

Exclusively From Sprint:

Carefree Cloud Services and Support
  • End-to-end support throughout customer engagement process
  • Expert deployment service packages plus free consultation
  • Certified live agent support 24/7 for all implementation needs
Mobile Expertise
  • Suite of mobile training videos for Google Apps available
  • Custom device configuration and setup requirements
  • Deployment support from certified specialists
Improved Network
  • Sprint Spark™ for increased reliability and download speed
  • HD™ Voice for improved call quality and clarity including noise canceling technology
  • 4G LTE for faster emailing and browsing capabilities

Pricing and Components
Google Apps for Work: $5 per user per month* | $50 per user per year
Google Apps Unlimited:$10 per user per month* | $120 per user per year
(Includes: advanced admin controls for Drive, audit and reporting insights, search and export formats, archive email functionality)

Add on services include Carefree Cloud, PingOne®, and Domain services. 

For full details click here. For more information on Google Apps for Work and pricing options, please contact your dedicated savings consultant at 800.749.1724 or email info@ftsplus.com.

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