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Eco Flaps Partners with Wabash National Van Trailers

Posted on 5/1/2017 by Sommer Stein in Eco Flaps mud flaps

Eco Flaps aerodynamic splash guards have been named a preferred provider of aerodynamic mud flaps by Wabash National for its commercial dry and refrigerated van trailers. Eco Flaps offers fleets an unmatched product specifically designed for durability, safety and fuel efficiency.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this new partnership with Wabash National,” said Asa Hazelwood, Director of Sales for Eco Flaps. “Wabash National is the leader in innovation. As the only aerodynamic flap option, we fit Wabash National’s commitment to new technology and increasing value to their customer base. Eco Flaps also supports Wabash National’s commitment to safety, as our product reduces road spray and makes highways safer for professional drivers and motorists.”
Eco Flaps offers both proven fuel savings and a SmartWay verification, attributes that Wabash National is confident its customers will appreciate.
Eco Flaps are currently the only SmartWay verified mud flaps.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay program has verified the fuel saving benefits of Eco Flaps at 1.25 percent on trailers. EPA-verified technologies receive the SmartWay verification status after they are rigorously tested and evaluated for their ability to save fuel and reduce emissions for truck, school buses, locomotives and marine engines.
“We’re always looking for new technologies and innovative ideas that benefit our customers,” said Nick Adler, Vice President of Global Strategic Sourcing, Wabash National Corporation. “This product complements our suite of proprietary trailer aerodynamic solutions, which includes side skirts, tail devices and a nose gap reducer. Selecting Eco Flaps as a preferred aerodynamic mud flap on our van trailers makes sense for customers looking for additional fuel economy.”
In an effort to comply with the Phase 2 greenhouse gas regulations, many commercial tractor and trailer manufacturers are searching for the most cost-effective and proven ways to increase fuel efficiency. These regulations mandate EPA-specific standards for efficiency and controlling emissions for manufacturers, requiring them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel economy goals. Eco Flaps not only offer a solution geared toward better fuel economy, but they also contribute to reduced maintenance and safer roads. For more information on Eco Flaps, please visit www.EcoFlaps.com. For more information on Wabash National van trailers and aerodynamic solutions, please visit www.wabash-trailers.com

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