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Driver Shortage—Recruit & Retain Quality Drives With FTS Plus+

Posted on 7/9/2015 by Sommer Stein in Technology Industry News Office Solutions fuel hotels Legal wireless services

According to the American Trucking Association, our nation is experiencing a shortage of between 35,000 and 40,000 truck drivers. But don't fret. FTS Plus+ is here to help you leverage your company against the competition.

With continued economic development across the country and increased reliance on the trucking industry to fulfill its induced demands, the driver shortage is predicted to get worse before it gets better. Trucking’s aging workforce, strict oversights and regulations, and lack of predictable career growth are some of the reasons fleets are struggling with recruiting. Thus, trucking companies are now focusing their resources on retaining drivers. This is where FTS Plus+ can help.

Being a member with FTS Plus+ means passing on many benefits to your employees such as fuel rewards, time saving solutions, discounts on legal services, wireless plans, hotels, and more.

Fuel Rewards

Directing your drivers to fuel within the FTS Plus+ network not only rewards your fleet with substantial fuel savings, but rewards your drivers as well.

Every time your drivers stop at a Love's Travel Center, TA, Petro, Pilot Travel Center or Flying J Travel Plaza location they gain rewards and benefits they will love. 

For over fifty years, Love's has been establishing a friendly, clean, and expedient service model. With new locations popping up every day, Love's continues expanding its benefits to drivers nationwide. Using My Love Rewards, drivers gain more rewards per gallon. For each fifty gallon fuel purchase, drivers earn a free shower credit and free coffee or soda. Platinum and diamond members will get a free shower and drink with every visit. To learn more and have your drivers sign up, visit www.myloverewards.com.

The UltraONE rewards card lets drivers earn points and showers at any participating TA or Petro location nationwide by purchasing diesel fuel and services in the truck service shop. Points are redeemable in stores, shops and restaurants for tons of great items and are now easier than ever to use since they do not expire. Drivers only have to carry one card, and points and shower credits are redeemable at both TA and Petro stops. Direct your drivers to www.ultraonerewards.com to learn more and sign up.

Pilot Flying J understands what it means to be driven to do a job right. That's why they created a rewards program that fits your drivers’ needs, lifestyles and preferences. The Pilot Flying J MyRewards card allows drivers to earn points per gallons of diesel fuel, shower credits, WiFi services and special pricing in the retail stores and restaurants. Fuel over 500 gallons in a month and earn a free shower per day plus MyRewards start the pump. Direct your drivers to www.myrewards.pilotflyingj.com to learn more and sign up.

Wireless Savings

Drivers are relying on their phones now more than ever. Constantly being on the road can create a high need for data and additional features, which can quickly rack up monthly costs. Luckily, employees of FTS Plus+ members are eligible to receive an 18% discount on select monthly data share plans from Sprint, plus additional discounts on wireless devices and accessories. To learn more or have your drivers link their Sprint accounts to the FTS Plus+ discount, visit ftsplus.com/sprint.

Legal Services

Professional truck drivers are at a greater risk of receiving a traffic citation than non-CDL motorists. Make sure your drivers are protected. Open Road Drivers Plan ensures your drivers are represented by assigning licensed traffic attorneys with local expertise to each case. Drivers also earn rewards for safe driving with Open Road Safe Driver Rewards Program, where they can be redeemed for more than 750 different prizes. FTS Plus+ members and their employees can purchase Open Road Drivers Plan at a discounted rate of $34.50 per month. Visit ftsplus.com/openroaddriversplan to learn more and get your drivers signed up.

Document Scanning

Paying drivers quickly and correctly is one of the best ways to keep them happy and reduce expensive turnover. Same day access to delivery documents speeds driver payroll processing and eliminates delays due to bad weather, holidays and lost paperwork. With TRANSFLO Express, TRANSFLO Now! and TRANSFLO Mobile from Pegasus, drivers can quickly and accurately send delivery documents to their fleet. What driver wouldn’t want to work for a company that makes document delivery so easy? And FTS Plus+ members receive a 6% discount. Learn more at ftsplus.com/transflo.

Hotel Savings

After spending hours or even days out on the road, every driver deserves to treat themselves to a nice, comfortable hotel stay. When driving for a FTS Plus+ member company, your drivers can enjoy this luxury for less. They are eligible to utilize the FTS Plus+ hotel discounts and receive up to 15% off their hotel stays at Wyndham, Motel 6 and Vantage Hotels locations. The discounts can be utilized at more than 9,800 hotels across the country. Simply direct your drivers to ftsplus.com/hotels to get the discount codes.

Toll & Bypass Solutions

More time on the road means more money in your drivers’ pocket, which ultimately means happier drivers. You can easily keep your drivers moving while saving money at the toll booth with FTS Plus+. Members can sign up for BESTPASS with zero sign up fees and begin saving 20% more on their tolls. Your drivers will thank you for this one. Get started now at ftsplus.com/bestpass.