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A Bold, New Way to get Wireless

Posted on 9/30/2015 by in wireless services sprint promotions

Are you tired of outrageous overage charges and outdated devices for your fleet? Sprint is now offering Mobility-as-a-Service, giving you the ability to personalize your service and get the same great deals on your favorite phones with even more perks!

What is Mobility-as-a-Service?

You probably have questions about what having Mobility-as-a-Service really means. Mobility-as-a-Service is Sprint's newest solution to your fleet's mobile business challenges. Maybe you face a lot of capital expenditures or are tired of having obsolete, outdated devices. Take a look at this simple three step process to see how your fleet can take advantage of this service.

Step 1: Choose Your Device

Don't let other companies limit you to only a few choices on which devices you can offer your drivers. With Mobility-as-a-Service, Sprint allows you to choose the devices you prefer and are comfortable with. This device could be anything from the hottest new phone on the market, to a tablet, to a basic phone, and are all owned and maintained by Sprint. 

Step 2: Pick Your Data

Does your fleet need unlimited talk and text? Maybe you want extra coverage to avoid those pricey roaming charges. Sprint allows you to personalize your plan with the amount of data you need. Choose from a number of different pooled optioned or get unlimited coverage in Sprint's continually growing network. You even have the ability to access data usage reports to monitor where data is being used and on which applications.

Step 3: The Real Value

Step 3 is the easiest. Simply enjoy all the benefits Sprint has to offer its customers with Mobility-as-a-Service! Get support from dedicated staff anytime, anywhere, extended warranties and coverage on your devices, and much more. Sprint is constantly working to improve its service and offers to its customers, so keep your eyes open for things such cloud storage and anti-virus protection to be added soon! Learn more about Mobility-as-a-Service by clicking here!

Wait, There's More!

If your fleet uses iPhones and likes to stay up-to-date with the latest model, you can start saving by choosing to use Mobility-as-a-Service. Using this service also allows you to take advantage of Sprint's iPhone Forever plan which allows you to upgrade to the newest version of the iPhone while eliminating the up-front cost of getting a new device.  Click here to learn more about iPhone Forever!

Do you and your fleet a favor and take advantage of this service now! Visit ftsplus.com/sprint to get signed up or call us at (800) 749-1724 Opt 2.

Offers only available on business accounts (account set up on Tax ID). Not eligible on personal accounts. Check out the latest deals for personal accounts here.