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5 Things Truck Drivers Love

Posted on 10/21/2015 by Sommer Stein

Truck drivers are the backbone of any trucking company, and quite frankly our economy. They pretty much provide access to everything we have, want or need, not to mention they are what keeps any trucking company in business. Yet often times, they are left feeling underappreciated. Let's not let National Truck Driver Appreciation Week be the only time we honor our drivers. Here are 5 ways carriers, brokers and shippers can show their appreciation to a driver all year round, including suggestions from drivers themselves.

These are a few of their favorite things

1. Respect their time

An extra 15 minutes held up at a loading dock or stuck in traffic can be the difference between a driver getting home to family and being stuck in the sleeper cabin another night. Drivers take extra care to manage their hours-of-service (HOS) and mandatory breaks so they can avoid situations like that.

There might not be anything you can do about the traffic, but you can help by not detaining drivers any longer than necessary when loading and unloading the truck or counting product. Or if the driver is detained longer than the standard two hour grace period, compensate them for their time. Just like yours, the driver’s time is valuable.

2. Fair Pay

Drivers tend to stay with companies that show that their work is appreciated, and driver retention is a key concern for carriers. Truck drivers have unique skill sets, and with the shortage of new drivers entering the industry, those skills are increasingly rare in today’s work force. That's why they deserve to be well-compensated for the specialized services that they provide, whether that means getting paid by the hour or by the mile.

3. Honesty

Will the load be available in the morning? Is there anywhere to park the truck if the driver arrives at the destination early? Will there be lumpers, and who’s paying the fee? Are the pallets shrink-wrapped? Letting the driver know everything there is to know about the load shows that you appreciate what goes into doing the job well.

4. Time at Home

A lot of drivers got into the job because they like the open road. That doesn’t mean they want to live there. Home time matters big time. For carriers, that means learning your drivers’ preferences. Some may want short runs, while others are happy to be away from home for long stretches. Show your appreciation by doing your best to match each driver with the schedule that best fits his or her needs.

5. Access to Facilities

When drivers arrive at the delivery dock, they’ve likely just spent a few hours behind the wheel. Give them access to the facilities. A couch, cup of coffee, or just access to the bathroom is a simple gesture of appreciation for the person who just safely delivered your valuable freight.

In addition to the above mentioned things drivers love, they also love knowing their fleet is looking out for their best interests. Turn to FTS Plus+ for programs that will help keep your drivers happy and in turn provide a better retention and recuriting tool for you. After all, the driver shortage is real, and we want to do our part to help you keep your tucks on the road. FTS Plus+ offers many savings programs that you can extend on to your drivers at no additional cost to you. Call your Savings Consultant at 800-749-1724 to learn more.

Note: This article was adapted from DAT's blog post on www.DAT.com. It was first published in September 2015.

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